Chris McDougal

Moto Gear has the best quality of leathers on the market that I’ve ever owned with a great price. Any design, any size, 1 piece or 2 piece they’ve got you cover. ✊🏻

Cole Frederickson

I have been extremely happy with Moto Gear leathers, not only the product but the people and the company aswell. Moto Gear support is amazing and they are always in contact right away. The leathers fit perfectly and quality is great as well as having built in knee pads, hip pads, shoulder pads, and back protection. I have had zero issues with Moto Gear and you cant beat the price! I would reccomend Moto Gear to everyone!

Heidi Gomillion

We just got our leathers and they came out looking amazing. The customer service and communication was bar none. We will definitely be doing future business with Moto Gear.


Jacob Lehmann

Awesome product fits perfect and super easy to work with!

Kevin Lambert Jr

Easy to work with! happy with my 2 sets !

Doug Vickery

I've bought 2 pairs leathers from Moto-Gear, both pair fit perfectly and the turn around from order to receipt was excellent. Great protection as well, I've crashed twice in them and both times I was unhurt and the leather showed no tears or damage .

Kolby Carlile ( American Flat Track Singles Champion 2017 )

These are the best leathers i have ever worn and they are super affordable, Crashing on the Springfield mile isn't fun, but I can't thank my sponsors Moto Gear for saving my tail. I walked away with only a few scratches after crashing at 100mph! Get your set now.

Kris Weiss

Very pleased with choosing Moto Gear for my leathers. Excellent customer service from start to finish. Working on design was quick and easy I just gave a few ideas of what I wanted and which logos/placements. I had a proof of design in no time and with just a few messages back and forth they had it exactly how I wanted the leathers. Super fast response time to questions. Leathers came in a quick timeframe and fit great. Very pleased and will order again!

Aidan Brown ( AFT Rider )

Best leathers i’ve put on! comfortable as can be and is keeping high hopes racing safe. get your set and not only be safe but look good while racing with your buddies!

Dustin Brown ( Canadian Champion )

I just want to give a huge thank you to Moto Gear Leathers for keeping me safe and comfy all year! Now time to put the #1 on the back!

Parker Norris ( AFT Pro Rider )

The moto gear crew is very easy to work with, great leathers at a good price. All of my suits have fit very good and have lasted. The turn around time for each one of my suites has been very quick. For a racer that is new to the sport or has been in the sport for a long time I highly recommend Moto Gear if your in the market for a new leather suit.

Tim Banish

Absolutely phenomenal quality and service and at a fantastic price! The team at Moto Gear was terrific to work with through the entire process of ordering to design to final processing. Everything fit perfectly to size which was a huge relief. Definitely will look to them again for future leather race suits. Thank you so much for all you do!

Jacob Rainville ( Yamaha Factory Ride Award Winner )

Moto Gear has the best quality in all theire products they also responde quick to ur messages and are very friendly their leathers are always the ones who look the best and u can custom make them to fit yourself and your style.

Justin Jones ( AFT Pro Rider )

I would like to thank Moto Gear for continuous support during the 2019 season, I have worked with moto gear for the past 4 seasons now and have enjoyed every moment. They have high quality products at affordable prices unlike some of the competitiors you get one or the other, with moto gear you get it all great protection, fit, and durability is some of the highlights of their suits. Visit their website today and order your own custom products! 

Matt Middleton

New leathers held up Awesome on our Southern Daytona Bike week trip !!! Very comfortable and Great looking too !!!! HIGHLY recommend Moto Gear for your next set. Awesome support and service !!! Thanks for the support this year Moto Gear !!!! #56 Jorden Jean 

Brian Thomas

They have great workmanship and my son is excited about having the setup when he rides . 

Jessica Browning ( Billy Rose Racing )

Our sponsored leather gear for the past 2 years - easy to work with and turned out better than we expected!

‎Steve Clutter‎

Very happy with our new leathers !! They fit very well and they look awesome and Moto Gear Boots and we really like them !! Fit well and very comfortable right from the start !! Having a new steel shoe fitted to them so we will be ready for the new season !! Thx for supporting us !!!

Phil Cascio‎

Thanks Moto Gear for the awesome racing leathers I love them.

‎Garrett Brittenham‎ ( Sam Leather )

He loves 'em! :)  Moto Gear has the best quality of leathers on the market that I’ve ever owned with a great price. Any design, any size, 1 piece or 2 piece they’ve got you cover and provide you super customer support .

‎Cookie Jake‎

 Thank u for the fast turn around. They fit great n feel good :) and big Thank you for the awesome leathers I got from u. Fit good and flow good an stay cool. Be wearing them agon for the next Texas mile and for flat track races. Agon thank u so much from Texas 

Dalton Brisbois

Moto Gear and Sajjad Ahmed knocked it out of the park with this one! Can't thank them enough for their hard work over the last couple of months. http://moto-gear.us/ for an affordable suit with a build quality that is second to none.

Justin Jones

Gotta thank Moto-Gear (Moto Gear) for their continued support in 2017.Moto gear came. On board in 2016 and emediatly felt welcomed with their great service. Not only do they have great service but suit options to really bring out what's best for you and design options really bring out your personality to race day. Weather your looking for a stand out pink color to small designs on suit you'll be pleased with the personalizing options. Quality is also top notch with meany safety fetures. Thank you guys!

Clarissa Raggio‎

Thanks Moto Gear for these cool leathers. Tyler Raggio loves them. All ready for amateur nationals now.

Brian Newman

Brandon Newman Would like to thank FATSBAR and Moto gear Custom Race Suits for joining our program for 2017 and also everyone else who continues to support us!! and Everything fit perfectly and turn around was really fast .

Cole Zabala

Thank you Moto Gear for your support this season! And thank you to Sajjad for taking the time to get it just right for me! Leathers came out sick this year. Thank you Moto Gear for the support. I can't wait to put the throttle down 

Clayton Vonmoos

Got my 2017 leathers. Thanks Sajjad Ahmed @CustomMotoGear  for the great setup!

Parker Joseph

Thanks Moto Gear for these great leathers and the great price 👍🏼

Kyle Gray

This is the company that made my leathers. They saved my ass many times from serious injury. If you do not have a set of leathers for Flat Track yet, I would highly consider it!!

Jacob Lehmann 2018

Huge thanks to Moto Gear for the awesome new leathers!!! They turned out so good cant wait to try them out!!!

Alex Sandoval

Sajjad Ahmed (Moto Gear) killed it with these beautiful leathers. If you need leathers this season look up moto gear and they’ll hook you up with the best leathers! The moto gears guy will work with you and make sure everything is right before the finish the leathers. Thank you very much guys. I can’t wait to be able to ride and wear these leathers! @ Sandoval Brothers Racing

JasonandAmanda Yager‎

Thanks to Moto Gear for hooking me up with a nice set of leathers. I had a get off at Stockton in sept and leathers did great job for me.

‎Shasta L Heureux Bell

Thanks for the awesome leathers! 

‎Alfred Maria Florez‎

Thank you Moto Gear for my totally awesome leathers!!! You guys did a great job 👍 🏁 #55

James Poole 63b

Thank you so much Sajjad Ahmed for an awesome set of leathers. Everyone knows these things aren't cheap but team moto gear offers you a reasonably priced set, awesome quality and great customer service. I can't wait to ride with these at the American Flat track national in Georgia in a few weeks!

Christopher Olaf

Motogear suits in... I combined my two favorite things to watch when I was a kid... Star Blazers and The Le Mans movie starring Steve McQueen... Luis Rodriguez had me design his suit to rep his business Being Significant... and it fits perfect... thanks Luis... Thanks to Sajjad Ahmed at Moto Gear..

Nick Mataya

Can't wait the throw a leg back over this bike. Thanks for keeping me protected and looking good Moto Gear. They can make you what you want at an affordable price. I know 90% of the racers need to keep that budget on point. Well here you go if you want to look good and represent sponsors properly.

R2V2 Racing

Thanks to moto-gear for the amazing new race suit

Jordan Knight‎

I have to say that Moto Gear is a top notch company. Very easy to talk too. Very impressed by the quickness they get back with you on any question. The leathers fit wonderfully. Awesome company. 

Brandon E Bates

Sajjad Ahmed from Moto gear did a great job on my leathers. Kangaroo leather with all the right protection. You can’t get a better deal than these guys. Check them out sometime!


Some new leathers for the boys 2017 season. Can't wait to put them to use! Thanks Sajjad Ahmed Moto Gear! Awesome job!

Brock Schwarzenbacher

Shout out to Moto Gear for the new set of leathers! Best fitting set of leathers I've ever owned delivered in less than 4 weeks from our first conversation. Sharp looking leathers and their customer service was top notch.

Parker Robinson

Big Thanks to Moto Gear for these amazing leathers, if your looking for a pair these guys give a great price and great kangaroo leathers ..

High Hopes Racing

Thanks for the awesome leathers Sajjad Ahmed. Moto Gear is the way to go if anyone needs a custom set of leathers..

Garage Metallica

@custommotogear thanks for the job. Amazing leather and great service :) 

Mason Nockerts #81

Race suit is on point for the season thanks to Moto Gear make sure you give them a follow and hit them up for any of your leather needs!

Katie Brucks

Received the leathers today! We love them! Fit is great! 

Tyler Mullen

Thanks Moto Gear they turned out great . fit nice and awesome quality 

Brock Schwarzenbacher 2019

Can’t thank Moto Gear enough for delivering my leathers to my hotel in Daytona just in time for the Daytona TT presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. They shipped these in 14 working days from the time of order 😧. Price was right, they fit well, look good, and unbeatable lead time.

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